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Medical Volunteers

The Village Medical Project for Sierra Leone (VMPSL) utilizes both North America and Sierra Leone medical personnel in the formation of its medical team. The Sierra Leone members normally consist of two to three military doctors along with the same number of Registered Nurses. Western postings are listed below.

Listing of Medical Volunteer Positions

Medical Doctors, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, Lab Technicians, and Pharmacists
Current CV’s and license documentation are required. Your CV and license will be reviewed by our Chief Medical Officer in Chicago with a phone interview follow-up. Your current license will be forwarded to the Minister of Health in Sierra Leone and Sierra Leone Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (SLANGO). The VMPSL is a registered Canadian charity and a registered International NGO with SLANGO.

What We Supply

The vmpsl provides all necessary drugs and medical supplies for a pre-determined number of patients to be treated, plus 15%. This includes all drugs and medications needed to treat conditions endemic to West Africa as well as those encountered in western practices. We have BP cuffs (both adult and pediatric), HB 201 blood analyzers, P.f. specific malaria test cassettes, pregnancy tests, HIV tests, stethoscopes, etc., in country. We do send out an additional list of supplies to all western team members. Members review the list and acknowledge what listed items they can bring with them, if any. These may be more gloves, tongue depressors, wound care supplies, tape, batteries, etc. Basically, we like all medical team members to carry their flight weight limits, if possible. We supply all the bottled water needed in country.

Travel Costs to Sierra Leone and Within Sierra Leone

The approximate return airfare cost is between $1,600 and $2,000 USD. This is from Chicago through Brussels to Sierra Leone. The reason for the Chicago departure and return city, a lot of the team members are located there. You are not required to go through Chicago but you will have to be in Brussels on a particular date and by a certain time for you and your team mates to fly in together. There will already be an advance team of two to three people on the ground for four to five days before you land in Sierra Leone. All supplies will already be organized and ready before you get there, including any money exchanging you want done. Aside from your airfare cost, you will need to chip in $500.00 USD to help cover all travel costs (vehicles, fuel, drivers) while in Sierra Leone, which includes water taxi service cost ($40.00 USD each way) from Lungi Airport to Freetown and back again to Lungi Airport.

In Country Costs

Once you arrive at Lungi Airport Professor Aiah Gbakima will be there to welcome and assist you through the gauntlet of what may look like semi organized chaos, but it’s painless. When you arrive in Freetown all your gear will be loaded and the team will be transported to The Hill Valley Inn (very safe and secure hotel), overlooking the Atlantic Ocean... Your rooms will have been assigned to meet your needs. A single room, king sized bed runs $110.00 USD/night, same for a room with two kings which can handle two to four people comfortably. Rooms have A/C, Wi-Fi, bath room with shower and most have a refrigerator. The restaurant has good safe food. The hotel is dry, due to Muslim custom, but we will have bottled water, wine and beer available. The next morning all gear is loaded for the six hour drive across Sierra Leone to the Kono District. We will be staying at the Kono Hotel, just outside Koidu Town. The cost of rooms here are approximately half the cost of the Hill Valley Inn. Again this is a safe and secure place with a full bar and very good safe food. They can meet any dietary need you may have. The rooms have A/C, TV and a half bath. There is cell reception but no Wi-Fi. This hotel supplies its own power from 1800 hrs to 0600 hrs each day.

Food cost

Both hotels provide coffee and breakfast, included. Full meals cost about what they would at your local diner where you live now.

Sample Itinerary

Medical trips are scheduled for either November or Mid-February into March. The total length of time needed for this project is three weeks, total time away from home.

October 26th: Advance team arrives in Freetown
October 30th: Rest of medical team arrives
October 31st: Travel day to Kono
Nov. 1st – Nov. 14th: Clinic days. Approximately 2,000 patients. There will be one day set as a half day of clinic. This will get us back to our base early afternoon to chill. Pick up any supplies we need in Koidu, check out local clinics or just kick back.
November 15th: Travel day back to Freetown (Hill Valley Inn). Dinner at ROY on the Beach
November 16th: Full day at #2 River Beach with a fresh lobster feast for lunch. This is one of the most beautiful beaches you will ever see. There is a small marketplace nearby.
November 17th: Lunch at the Crown Bakery, downtown Freetown. After which a visit to the city market. You will find everything here for yourself, family and friends back home.
November 18th: We head home.

Volunteer Fundraising

  • Group Events for a Cause
  • Have fun with your group or organization with music and a silent auction while contributing to Medical Aid in Sierra Leone, Africa.
  • Bake Sale, bottle drive, school project. Every dollar counts.
  • We need people to help...

A special thank you to the community of Protection Island who have been our biggest supporters thus far.

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